Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Episode 1500: Down To 30...

Number of unwatched episodes is down to 30, so in theory, I could watch them all within one day, provided I did practically nothing else, including sleeping. Problem is, I've also been feeling like I'm about to fall sick all day, and I definitely have a headache right now. Manned up though, and formatted all the submissions I accepted while I was in Hong Kong, so Eunoia Review now has work queued till late March. If the queue gets a few months longer, I might have to switch to publishing thrice daily, maybe even four times. Don't have any issues with that, although if it does get to that point, I do wonder if the journal might be moving too far from its original intention of being something people can dip into daily for a bite-sized (or sometimes rather large) chunk of reading. Maybe it'd be better to temporarily close submissions, purely to trim the publication 'backlog'. I definitely need to spend November clearing my reviews backlog though. Have to do a bit of shuffling in regards to what order I'm going to review stuff in, but November is definitely the month to start catching up. No leisure reading even, not until I've done at least two reviews.

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