Friday, October 12, 2012

Episode 1481: What A Beastly Show

I don't think anyone goes for their pre-employment medical checkup expecting the doctor to be so interested in the fact that they write poetry. I mean, the guy actually tried to Google me on the spot, but the search engine was blocked on his computer. Honestly though, it's slightly ridiculous that the amount of time he spent chatting to me was about twice as long as the actual physical examination. Was good to catch up with Jared afterwards though. Now I'm watching the pilot for Beauty & The Beast, which is actually pretty awful. Kristin Kreuk is easy on the eyes, but since this is The CW, the Beast of the show, Jay Ryan, just gets given a scar because you know, now you just can't bear to look at his ugly face. Right? (Yeah, I think Hollywood already tried this with Alex Pettyfer in Beastly, and nobody bought it that time either.) Also, what the world obviously needs is yet another show that makes out a guy stalking a girl to be something really romantic. It's possible to use that as a springboard for something more nuanced (The Vampire Diaries), but it's equally possible to just go downhill from there (the whole Twilight franchise). In short, I can't believe The CW axed The Secret Circle for this. The only thing this show has going for it is that as a procedural, it's another step towards further diversifying The CW's offerings. It also premiered solidly ratings-wise, but likely only because it aired opposite the US vice-presidential debate this week, rather than competing dramas in its timeslot.

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