Friday, October 19, 2012

Episode 1488: Yes, I Did!

Note to self: I won't save that much time by taking the Circle Line if I'm doing it just before midnight. Literally ended up on the last Kranji-bound train, and then on the last feeder bus back to my block, so what I'd intended to be a time-saving measure ended up with me reaching home half an hour later than I would have if I'd just stuck to my usual MRT route. Anyway, I've received official confirmation from the department, so yeah, I have got a Distinction for my MA. Sharing that news on Facebook led to what I think is probably my status with the most Likes ever, so thanks everyone. Congratulations to everyone else on their results as well! Wish I could go back to Warwick for graduation in January, but it doesn't look likely to happen. Now to send the dissertation to Edwin Thumboo, since now that I know at least two other academics don't think it's rubbish, I won't feel too embarrassed about having him read it. I wonder if we'll get the comments sheet back for our last essays/dissertations. I mean, they did end up being the best grades I got all year, so I'd quite like to know what the feedback on them was like. Might e-mail Cheryl again to ask. It's not terribly important, since NIE aside, I won't be returning to academia for half a decade or more. Just interesting for personal reference, I suppose.

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