Saturday, October 20, 2012

Episode 1489: Need To Get Stuff Done Before My Holiday!

Editing a pair of reprints for the site. Way too many semicolons in the sentences! Call me old-fashioned, but the semicolon shouldn't be used like a comma. Need to remember to upload a couple of accepted submissions for The Cadaverine before I go off to Hong Kong for a short holiday. Also sort of hoping to finish a review before the holiday, and maybe one during. At the very least, I want to read at least a couple of the books, to trim the stack down. I had a good run about a week and a half ago, but then the momentum kind of died, partly because I've been reading Issue 4 of Lucky Peach. Yeah, it finally arrived, though this is actually the replacement for my subscription copy that got lost in transit. The McSweeney's customer service people have been really helpful though, in this matter and that massive order of The Believer issues I made a while ago, so props to them! Don't think I'm going to renew my Lucky Peach subscription though, not if I can get the issues through The Book Depository. The additional cost of shipping my subscription to Singapore means I actually get a slightly better deal via The Book Depository.

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