Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Episode 1485: Return Of The Walking Dead

So The Walking Dead Season 3 premiered this week, and its ratings mean it's currently the best-rated premiere of this TV season, and we're talking about something that airs on cable. Awesome ratings aside, the show's definitely making use of its budget increase for this season. I swear that in this episode alone, there were more zombies than we've seen in the rest of the show put together, excluding the pilot. Let's just hope they haven't pulled the opposite of what they did in Season 2, when they saved up to be able to binge on effects in the season finale. I worry though. Now that the characters are all sort of safely sequestered in their prison cells (bit of a heavy-handed visual metaphor for the Ricktatorship, wasn't it?), once again the people making the show have an excuse to spend a whole season not showing us zombies on a zombie show. I have to say though, I'm rooting for Lori to die this season. I was on the fence before, but Phil's right, she's annoying. My idea for her exit involves Carl shooting her. Don't you think that'd be a pretty amazing twist? Gruesome and definitely polarising. I can already imagine the outraged articles it would generate...

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