Sunday, October 07, 2012

Episode 1476: Merlin's Back!

So the long-awaited Series 5 of Merlin has finally begun! To be honest, I think I might actually prefer watching this to Doctor Who, whose seventh series was the reason why Merlin was bumped till now. Seems like they're going to try to sex the show up a little this series, which makes sense because even though it's still ostensibly a show for the kids that airs before the watershed (in spite of what are pretty much constant homoerotic undertones to the Arthur/Merlin relationship), a good number of the kids who were watching it back in 2008 will have grown up by now to become young adults. On the other hand, Merlin is also one of those shows where there has been negligible character development over four series, besides the whole good-girl-gone-bad thing with Morgana, so any change with Series 5 is at least something happening. Have finished reading Cryptic Endearments, so I'm thinking I'll read it again tomorrow and then write the review on Tuesday. Since it's due on Wednesday, even if I end up procrastinating a little too much tomorrow, I've got the additional day as a buffer, right?

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