Monday, October 01, 2012

Episode 1470: Finally, A New Review Written!

Haven't written a review since more than a month ago, when I started working exclusively on my dissertation. Didn't get around to writing one, even after I finished the dissertation and my essay. Today though, I finally managed one. It's long, long overdue, looking at Jonathan Lee's Joy. Enjoyed the book, although I had a minor quibble with the ending. Now that this review has been sent off, I need to finish reading Robert Wexelblatt's Losses and review that. Can't write the review tomorrow because I'm going to see Swimming With Sharks with Shirley, otherwise I'd aim to do a review a day this whole week. Anyway, the latest round of TV premieres has been a mixed bag for me. I loved the Season 2 premiere of Once Upon A Time, which is finally fully embracing its fairytale side, but I found myself indifferent to the Season 2 premieres of Homeland and Revenge, shows that I was really into in their freshman seasons. I still think the former has really solid acting from Damian Lewis and Claire Danes, so I'll keep watching because of that. I still love the soapiness of the latter, and having invested so much time on the first season, I'll definitely be following this new one, but I just wish some of the bad guys would get their comeuppance. At least Gabriel Mann is still getting great lines this year. Definitely the breakout character on that show. As for 666 Park Avenue, I enjoyed its supernatural aspect, but like most of this year's freshman dramas, it could get really good or really bad after the pilot. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's the former!

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