Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Episode 680: CSI Trilogy

Remember when I mentioned I was waiting for the Foundling Review piece to be published? Now you can read the whole thing here. Creative writing people should find it familiar because it's based off the exercise that Maureen Freely had us do in our first year. (This is the longer version that went into my portfolio last year.) Finished reading A Field Guide To Surreal Botany, from Two Cranes Press. It's edited by Janet Chui and Jason Erik Lundberg, the latter of whom, randomly, teaches at HCI. It's an interesting little volume, and QLRS has a review of it that describes it better than I can, so click here. Singaporeans, you can pick up a copy at BooksActually. Tell Kenny I sent you. Haha! I also made some time to watch the much-hyped CSI Trilogy, which has only just been broadcast on AXN here. Wasn't terribly impressed by it as a whole, although in terms of individual episodes, they all worked fine. It's just that the way the three series were tied together felt so contrived, like the whole thing was being done for its advertising potential. It was nice to be able to compare the three series against each other though. As usual, CSI: Miami had the most awful acting. The way Emily Proctor delivers her lines is so stilted, you actually hope it's a deliberate thing.

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