Saturday, August 21, 2010

Episode 698: Me, Nominated?

Finished with Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book Of Food And Drink, so am getting started on Tom McCarthy's Remainder. Would re-read Donna Tartt's The Secret History because that's what I'm due to review next for Evolve Journal, but that would be the third time I'm reading it (first was when Liling lent me her copy in JC, second was when I last came back to Singapore), and I don't think that's particularly necessary. Anyway, had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I learnt that Camroc Press Review is planning to nominate this for inclusion in Sundress Publication's Best Of The Net 2010. Not to sell myself short or anything, but a nomination's probably as far as it's going to get, realistically speaking. Still, pretty awesome thing to happen. Incidentally, Sophie Mac's single came out five days ago, and you can get it for free here. It's completely different from the kind of music that I normally listen to, but I like it anyway. The website says a full album's in the works, so looking forward to that!

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