Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Episode 708: Where Did August Go?

So I've given up trying to finish a chapter a day of that Shakespeare book. It's just too dry to get through so many pages in one sitting! I've already read more than half of it anyway, so I'll definitely get through it before I fly back to the UK. Also took some time today to finish my review of The Secret History for Evolve Journal, but as usual, my ISP refuses to play nice with the site, so I haven't uploaded it yet. Will try again tomorrow, otherwise I'm just going to e-mail it to Shirley and get her to post it, since she has no problem accessing the site whatsoever. David Tait got back to me a couple of days ago on how long my reviews of the online magazines should be, so I think I'll finish off the Pomegranate one by this week. Still have to read through one more magazine's archives and make a decision on whether to include it, but I keep putting it off to do other things. I don't actually think I've done anything in August! Didn't even spend time writing until yesterday, when I finally decided it was time to continue my sequence of irregular sonnets on the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues. The first half on vices was finished more than a year ago, but I've been stuck in the middle of the virtues ever since. Ended doubling the existing poems into full sonnets, and finished off another brand new one. Doubt it's any good though...

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