Sunday, August 08, 2010

Episode 685: Earphones Spoilt...

It's quite surreal to be playing a Scrabble clone on the iPhone with one of your favourite singers. You've got to love technology. (The singer's Coury Palermo, and the Scrabble clone is Words With Friends, which I came across because he tweeted about it.) The nice thing about the application is that you're free to return to it as and when you have a move to make, so you don't have to stay on it throughout the whole game. Am very annoyed that my (fairly expensive) Sennheiser earphones have stopped working, reducing me to using Apple's own earphones again. (Can't very well justify buying new ones when I have two brand new Apple earphones, one each from my iPod Classic and iPhone 3GS!) I'm sure I'll get used to the poorer quality. Eventually. (They also have an annoying tendency to not stay in my ears.) I'm not really a hardcore audiophile, but I have quite precise notions of what my music should sound like, and having used the Sennheiser ones for quite a while now, I can assure you that despite Apple's claims that its earphones are optimised for the iPod, your music definitely could sound better.

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