Thursday, August 19, 2010

Episode 696: Library Drama!

Don't you just hate it when library books aren't where they're supposed to be? Was going to get the two books on the summer reading list for EN301 Shakespeare and Selected Dramatist of His Time. Only found one, but I guess it doesn't matter, since there's a copy of the one I couldn't find back at Warwick anyway. It's just whether I can finish reading it in three days or not. (Naturally, there should be doubts as to whether I'll even read the one I've borrowed. All this summer reading is uncharacteristically hardworking of me, you have to admit.) Anyway, while I was in the National Library, there was this crazy woman screaming her head off at the entrance. No idea what was going on because the drama was already in progress by the time I came over from the stacks in the back, but it sounded like it was something to do with newspapers. Whatever it was, it'd made her really riled up because she was yelling at everyone, totally not holding back. She was getting a pretty good audience too. I mean, people were openly standing there and staring away. I'm wondering if it's going to show up on something like Stomp, or perhaps in the newspapers. It's not every day you get such drama in a public location in Singapore!

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