Saturday, August 14, 2010

Episode 691: Youth Olympic Games 2010

Congratulations to Singapore! Even though I personally think the opening ceremony was indistinguishable from the National Day Parade just five days ago, right down to the cheesy costumes, music and choreography, I think we should still be proud that we're hosting the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. (I mean, we're never ever going to have enough space to host the Olympics.) Let the naysayers carry on. They'll always find something to criticise, as long as this government is still in power. (I'm curious as to whether the complaints would cease should the ruling party change in the future. I suspect not. Probably just a change in acronyms, but with the same grouses attached, over and over. We are Singapore! We will stand together, complain till we're sore!) Personally, I'm not terribly enthused about the YOG myself, but that's purely because I'm not really into sports. In terms of making history though, I'm proud of Singapore. Honestly. Oh, not impressed, by the way, that Sean Kingston didn't show up at the opening ceremony to sing, reportedly because of disagreements over his fee. At least he apologised on Twitter. Funny that I can't find much news about his no-show on Google though...

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