Thursday, August 12, 2010

Episode 689: Getting Back In The Game

Yes, in a way, I really think it is a game, especially in our time. Did my first submissions in more than a month. One batch was to Pomegranate, which I've just finished reading all the back issues of, so that's one online magazine that I was supposed to review done. (I've already ruled out one, and another's site seems to be down, so that just leaves one last magazine, which is looking iffy anyway.) The other was to Counterexample Poetics, which I'm hoping will take at least one of my more oddball pieces, of which I sent in eight. Aside from reading Pomegranate, I've started on My Life In Verse: A Journey Through Poetry, an anthology put together to accompany a BBC series no less. Haven't seen the series, so no comment on that, but skimming through the contents pages of the book, I'll say it's a handy introduction to a lot of poets that I've been meaning to check out, but never would've bothered to under other circumstances. The book opens with a selection from T. S. Eliot, so that's already winning me over.

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