Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Episode 688: Sinking Into Intellectual Mediocrity...

The latest book that I'm reading is called Taking The Red Pill: Science, Philosophy, And Religion In The Matrix, edited by Glenn Yeffeth. Once again, highly readable fare. I'm not sure if it should bother me that my choice of reading material seems lately to be determined by how 'easy' I find the text to wade through. Whatever. I will attempt to reestablish my intellectual credibility at some future point, when I read Tom McCarthy's Remainder. Yes, I admit that I only want to read it because that book review of it that we got during a seminar made it sound intriguing. I mean, I read House Of Leaves based on a blurb that called it a 'satire of academic criticism'. (If I recall correctly, I didn't even learn of that for myself. Eugene told it to me. Via an SMS, I think. Oh well. It's still a damn good book. Readable postmodernism, if I had to coin my own meaningless blurb for it.) Anyway, the book's title is pretty self-explanatory. I feel like I should've rewatched the entire film trilogy before reading the essays, but gosh, that would've been time-consuming, wouldn't it? I mean, I've still got the whole of The Lord Of The Rings to get through. (Yeah, despite being a fan of Tolkien, I've never actually seen all three films in their entirety. Can't remember why exactly. It's like how I've never seen Titanic! Quite proud of that somehow.)

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