Sunday, August 22, 2010

Episode 699: Unimpressive Buffet!

Just got back from a buffet with my and my godparents' families. Didn't think the variety of food was that great though, especially not for the prices we were paying. Plus the dessert selection was a bit lacking, and everyone knows dessert is clearly the most important thing at a buffet, right? (The ice-cream flavours were mislabelled!) Anyway, Remainder is intriguing so far. Reminds me of how I felt when I was reading Kazuo Ishiguro's The Unconsoled. Now that was another strange book. I thought worship went quite well today. I mean, I didn't even lose my voice as badly as I normally do. Why I always seem to lose my voice is an interesting question in itself. I think it's because our PA system doesn't normally use feedback monitors, so I can't tell how I sound. It's a lot easier during practice, since my PA skills are almost non-existent and I know just about enough to get my microphone to work. That means I usually crank the volume way up, only to have it turned down once the PA crew shows up to do their stuff. So I end up pushing my voice too hard to compensate. It's not so bad really. I mean, in the long run, if I did this on a regular basis, it'd be awful, probably get throat cancer or something. Nodules, at the very least. For now though, it just means I'm a bit hoarse and usually can't hit low notes by the end of a service. That's not too much of an issue though, since I'm typically more a soaring, anthemic chorus kind of guy when it comes to choosing songs.

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