Sunday, August 01, 2010

Episode 678: Half A Day's Sleep!

Backlog of shows cleared! I know I'm rather slow on this, but can I just say that the new BBC series, Sherlock, is amazing. Anyway, I slept for about 12 hours, which was pretty awesome. It also meant that I arrived at 5.15 pm for a 4 pm church service. Haha! Wouldn't even have gone if I hadn't needed to pick up some notes for my dad. Finally had a meal at Aerin's in Raffles City, although it wasn't as impressive as I'd expected. Their signature apple pie was good, but the Mojito I ordered was disappointing. I mean, even the one that the SU serves back at Warwick tastes better! I may try to get back into this reading one book everyday thing, now that I'm free from all work responsibilities. Today, it was a slim volume of poetry, entitled Reflecting On The Merlion: An Anthology Of Poems, edited by Edwin Thumboo and Yeow Kai Chai. A mixed bag, if you ask me, but interesting as a snapshot of how Singaporeans have reacted to the Merlion, that bastard child of lion and fish. It's like some rite of passage you have to go through as a local poet, writing about the Merlion. I sort of did it once, although it was really quite derivative, so I guess it doesn't really count.

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