Monday, August 16, 2010

Episode 693: I Blog Too Much About TV...

Was tempted to add a couple of shows to the massive collection on my external hard drives, but decided against it in the end. Too much time required, and besides, someone I know probably has the DVD box set. In case anyone wants to help me out, I was going to grab Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. (Yeah, late to the party and all that. E-mail me if you have the DVDs. Thanks.) Was also going to get Outrageous Fortune, which is the New Zealand series that Scoundrels is based on. It's apparently far superior to the American remake, which has just aired its season finale. Didn't realise the episode order was so short, just eight episodes. I'm really wondering which of the new summer shows that I'm following are going to get picked up for next year. Pretty Little Liars is already getting another batch of episodes that's airing in the traditional fall television season, so it's clearly on its way up. I really want The Gates to get renewed, just because it's suburbia-meets-supernatural premise is cheesy enough to work, in my opinion. Stuff like Haven and Scoundrels isn't quite pushing the right buttons for me so far.

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