Sunday, August 15, 2010

Episode 692: Food, Glorious Food!

Alongside that anthology of poetry, I've also begun reading Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book Of Food And Drink, edited by David Remnick. It's making me feel so good about myself. I mean, next to some of the gourmands writing in the book, I'm positively ascetic. I say that as someone who just came home from a dinner buffet, and is probably headed for another one in a week. Now I don't consciously watch my weight (most of the time), but I would like not to be on the receiving end of comments like 'You've lost weight.' It makes me suspect that the person thought I was fat in the past, but didn't remark on it. Or I could be over-analysing. (Hey, even I'm allowed the occasional moment of insecurity!) I guess reading about this kind of food is a fair substitute for actually consuming it, since in all likelihood, it either doesn't exist anymore or I can't even afford it. Best to stick to more realistic aspirations, like Pierre Hermé macarons. Not even talking about going to Paris for it, just Selfridge's when I'm next in London. Haha!

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