Thursday, November 15, 2012

Episode 1515: 30% Off = Lots Of New Books!

30% off at BooksActually today, so I came home with quite a haul. Won't allow myself to read any of it yet, of course. (There's also the interesting question of how I can possibly fit all my books in my room, once the Seven Seas boxes arrive. Will have to start banishing some stuff out of sight, into boxes, I guess. The question remains though. Which books to hide away?) What I have done is read The Lucky Star Of Hidden Things again, and my first impression of the collection has been confirmed. I like it, but not as unreservedly as other reviewers seem to, which did make me second-guess myself for a bit. I feel quite confident now that I'll be able to articulate what my reservations are in the review though, so I'm not too worried. Will aim to get at least a paragraph or two done before I go out tomorrow evening, and then probably finish the whole thing on Saturday afternoon (or evening, after procrastinating), after I get back from the wedding in church. Have already begun reading for my next review, which is a special issue of Bartleby Snopes. It's called Post-Experimentalism, and I'm not sure what that means yet, but the very first story that was told in tweet-sized paragraphs was pretty cool, so I'm optimistic.

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