Monday, November 19, 2012

Episode 1519: A Clarke/Kubrick Comparison? I'll Take It!

There's a new review of Unthology No. 3 up at Rum & Reviews Magazine, in which the reviewer writes, 'The multidimensional world he creates [in 'The Triptych Papers'] is a bewildering place, reminding me a little of the final scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey.' Prior to this, I wasn't aware that being compared to Arthur C. Clarke/Stanley Kubrick was one of my life goals, but hey, checking that one off the list as we speak. Now I really hope this story gets picked for that Singaporean reprint anthology. Either this one, or 'The Last Birthday', which The Misfit Quarterly has kindly agreed to nominate for the anthology too, as I think in terms of my fiction writing, they're the strongest stories that I've managed to publish so far, and it'd be nice to see them appear in a Singaporean anthology. Still no movement on the reviews front, but I'm hoping to use the Thanksgiving break for some of the TV shows that I follow to catch up on things! Was thinking of going to the library in Bishan earlier, since I had to change trains there anyway, but I figured that I already have enough on my plate in terms of reading, without actively seeking out more.

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