Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Episode 1520: Revolution, You're Clearly Not Going To Survive Your Winter Hiatus, Are You?

Revolution continues to frustrate, although the writers seem to have firmly switched their focus from Charlie to Miles. Guess they realised that she was boring? Either that or they really hate Tracy Spiridakos, because so far, her story still doesn't really exist beyond trying to save her brother. I mean, everyone else has had the benefit of character-centric pre-blackout flashbacks, which is the go-to method for establishing some depth to a character. (She might've had one, but it must have been really forgettable.) I'm curious to know what the Nielsen ratings will be for this latest episode. Revolution is still clearly NBC's highest-rated scripted show, but that's really not saying much. (I secretly hope that the retooled Season 2 of Smash will boost that show into a genuine hit, surpassing Revolution.) The winter hiatus is probably going to kill it off anyway. Four months between new episodes? The only shows that can survive a move like that are those ABC Family and USA shows that regularly split their shows into two half-seasons anyway, and have rabid fans to boot.

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