Sunday, November 25, 2012

Episode 1525: Maybe I Should Read Wolf Hall?

Have not read Hilary Mantel's Booker-winning Wolf Hall, entirely because I'm not into historical fiction, but I did just read a 2010 article by her in Intelligent Life on what it was like to win the Booker and it made me like her as a writer and as a person. If the book weren't so long (and if there weren't already a sequel too), I'd probably pick it up now. From a practical point of view though, I still have too many other books that I need to read, which is something that I'm painfully aware I've been going on about for ages. I'm working on it though! Picking up Wes Brown's Shark again tomorrow, which I'd read a chunk of and enjoyed, but it's really not the sort of book that you can just dip into for a couple of pages at a time, to be honest, which is slightly problematic because my attention span has got really fragmented of late. Yet I remain committed to clearing my entire review backlog (or at least 75% of it) by the end of 2012. I could even confidently say it'll happen, assuming I go cold turkey on my TV shows, but we all know how likely that's going to be...

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