Thursday, November 29, 2012

Episode 1529: Seven Seas Boxes Have Arrived!

So my Sevens Seas boxes have finally arrived, and like the other two times, I had no problems with the company at any point of the process. I've unboxed all the contents, and the clothes, kitchen implements and miscellaneous stuff have been put away, more or less. All that remains is the laborious process of shelving the books! I'm about halfway through the piles scattered on my floor, and if I were less OCD about the whole matter, I'd totally have been done by now. It's not just that I shelve alphabetically by publisher/imprint, then again within that by author. It's also that I try to anticipate where books will potentially need to be reorganised at a later date, e.g. shelves with books by Faber & Faber or Vintage, or with local publishers, Firstfruits or Math Paper Press. Minimises the amount of disruption later on, when I buy new books. I've also made the decision to relegate some sets of books to boxes, simply because it's not feasible for them all to be on the shelves. So now I've got two boxes of Bloodaxe books, my Marion Zimmer Bradley Darkover novels, and my OUP paperbacks under my bed.

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