Saturday, November 17, 2012

Episode 1517: The Misfit Quarterly Is Out!

Farewell, 666 Park Avenue, Last Resort and Partners, we barely knew you. (Not really true, since they're all halfway through their initial 13-episode order. Meanwhile, The Mob Doctor has yet to be put out of its misery by Fox.) All three shows had clear potential, although only 666 Park Avenue manifestly failed to live up to it. Last Resort was probably hampered by its subject matter, which was definitely something different for a serialised drama but not exactly possessed of mass appeal, whereas Partners looked like an attempt by CBS to tick a comedy box not covered by the coarseness of 2 Broke Girls, the recycled relationship entanglements of How I Met Your Mother or the inanity of Two And A Half Men, which just couldn't seem to find a mainstream audience. Sure, sometimes the jokes tried a little too hard, but I was curious to see how it might've developed, and like I've mentioned before, CBS needs to start renewing its comedy slate. Maybe that was the problem though, that little in the show's plots so far indicated avenues for further development. On a different note, the inaugural edition of The Misfit Quarterly is now available and it looks gorgeous! I have a story in it (that first chapter of my abortive YA novel that actually works really well as a standalone piece), and you can find out how to get a free digital edition here. A huge thank you to AJ Leon and everyone else in the Misfit team!

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