Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Episode 1527: And The Dissertation Lives On!

What a day it's been. Didn't leave the house at all, but had a lot of good stuff happening over e-mail. Accepted a bunch of submissions for Eunoia Review, and I'm also going to do a Twitter chat in December with a contributor when his work is published. Will most likely be using the hashtag #EunoiaLIVE, so look out for that. (Could have saved #LIVEunoia to save one character, but two people pointed out on Facebook that there's a good chance people won't get it.) Might make it a semi-regular thing, if I can work out timezones with interested contributors. Readership for the journal has also rebounded after a sharp Thanksgiving slump, said slump also driving home once again where the bulk of the readers come from at the moment. In an even more exciting turn of events, Edwin Thumboo has read my dissertation and thinks I should consider publishing it. There's apparently an NAC grant that I could apply for, but I don't really know how to go about that anyway. He wants to meet when he gets back to Singapore next month though, so I'm sure I can talk about this with him then. Never imagined this could be on the cards for my academic writing, but honestly speaking, I won't pretend that publication wouldn't be a really nice way to cap my academic career so far. In any case, whatever else happens, it's great to have my research understood and valued!

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