Friday, November 30, 2012

Episode 1530: Shelving Done!

So it's taken some time, but all my books have finally been shelved! It does mean that there's pretty much no more space that I can utilise to fit any more books in, barring the occasional gap that's been intentionally left, as per what I mentioned yesterday. I suppose if I wanted to be really crazy though, I could just keep stacking the top shelf until the books reach the ceiling, but it would make trying to get any book from that shelf highly impractical. Of course, there's still space to stack another row of books in front of the ones already there on the bookshelves that aren't in my room, but I'm not sure my mum would be pleased to hear of that plan. Personally, I'm just glad it's all done. I think that I might really have to make a decision not to buy any new books for a couple of months, and actually stick to it this time. Well, after I get all the ones that I've been eyeing for a while now but have been holding off on ordering online until I get my first salary! It'll never end though, not unless the entire publishing industry collapsed overnight, so I really have to start being even more selective than I already am. Can you imagine if I actually wanted to read 'classic' novels (other than Thomas Hardy), rather than just contemporary fiction? My personal library could easily grow by another 100 volumes or so.

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