Monday, November 26, 2012

Episode 1526: I Have Managed To Fall Sick Again Without Ever Fully Recovering From The Last Time

In spite of that, I've finished reading the second issue of theNewerYork last night, and like the first, it was excellent. Highly encourage everyone to check them out. Have also finished reading Bartleby Snopes's Post-Experimentalism, so I'm going to get cracking on that review tomorrow. Might even finish it in a single day, like I did with the last review I wrote. Moving on, I'm reading Wes Brown's Shark, as mentioned yesterday, and alternating that with Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, Jane Austen served up with zombie mayhem by Seth Grahame-Smith. (He's also the guy we have to thank for Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, and no, I haven't seen the film.) Beyond that, I was thinking of bumping up Jerrold Yam's Scattered Vertebrae on my to-review list, since Andrea wants to try and schedule it on Sidekick Books as close as possible to the collection's launch. It's either that collection, or finish reading Lander Hawes's Captivity, for a long-overdue review for The Conium Review. It's actually kind of embarrassing, how far behind I've allowed myself to slip where this to-review list is concerned.

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