Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Episode 1528: You Give Something Away And People Still Complain...

Have started on my review of Post-Experimentalism, which will probably be finished over the weekend, depending on what time my Seven Seas boxes arrive tomorrow and how long it takes me to unpack everything. Am tempted to just leave the books in their boxes and ignore the matter until I find myself in need of one of those books, but my OCD tendencies in this area mean that I'll be ill at ease until at least the majority of them have been more or less alphabetically shelved by publisher. I've also just been amused by all the people ranting on the Facebook page of PixelCUBE Studios. A new entry in the Impossible Test franchise is being released tomorrow, but over the past couple of weeks, the company has been releasing codes for free downloads of The Impossible Test 2. I managed to nab one from the latest batch, and then sat back in amusement to read all the bitching that was happening in the Facebook comments threads. Sure, the codes were posted late, but really, no one's forcing you to wait around for a free game, if you have actual jobs to be getting on with, as some commenters complained they had.

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