Saturday, November 24, 2012

Episode 1524: God Of Carnage

Caught the SRT production of Yasmina Reza's God Of Carnage with Claudia and Peter. It reminded me of Edward Albee's Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, still one of my favourite plays, even though it's been so many years since I read it for my 'A' Levels. I think there might even have been a reference in God Of Carnage to the 'What a dump!' line from the Albee play's opening. (This is itself a reference to Bette Davis's line of dialogue from the film Beyond The Forest. Thanks Google!) Reza's play was a lot more farcical though, and it just felt like the humour was really French at times, in a good way. I enjoyed how the dynamics on stage were constantly shifting, as the alliances between characters were permuted. Something like that couldn't have worked if all four actors hadn't pulled equal weight onstage, so kudos to the cast. No idea if it's his natural one, but Art Acuña's New York accent was a nice touch, which as Claudia pointed out, perfectly suited his character. I would definitely be interested to see a production of this in French, or at least to read the original script.

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