Thursday, October 02, 2008

Episode 10: A Long Weekend Begins!

Just to make you guys jealous, my weekend began at 1 pm today because my seminars for EN121, which are normally on Friday mornings, only begin in Week 2. I didn't realise it either, until I was talking to some friends online. So I started gloating and now they all hate me. Haha! Anyway, although I technically did my laundry yesterday for my white and light-coloured clothes, Shen Ting was the one who operated the washer and the dryer. Today, I actually did both for myself, and it didn't turn out too badly. Just that the dryer apparently doesn't work too well, as my clothes were still a little damp when I took them out. Had to lay them all over the room to dry them out. I'm not going to blog much about academics because there really hasn't been a lot happening. Just that the same faces keep popping up in my seminars, so hopefully, I'll become good friends with them, especially since the repeated faces are actually all people on the same course as me! I'm already meeting one of them in the Library on Saturday to do some work for our next EN123 seminar. Have to work on Yeats's 'The Second Coming'. I also got around to pushing up my French module to the earliest timing, which only made sense timetable-wise. It seems that I have to go down to the Language Centre to do it in the online system too. I still haven't spoken to my personal tutor about doing the module for extra credit. I really want my £160 back, if it's possible!

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