Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Episode 9: Singaporean Potluck-Cum-Karaoke Party!

Just got back from an impromptu karaoke session in Yong Long's room. We were singing along to all sorts of cheesy pop songs from the late '90s and early '00s, streaming the music videos from YouTube. This all started because we discovered that Rahul is a great singer, so we made him sing a couple of songs (and he did them really well), and then they tried to make me sing a song. Apparently, the YouTube video drowned me out. Haha! Then suddenly someone decided we should all sing along to YouTube videos. If any of Yong Long's neighbours could hear us, they must think he's damn weird. It was excellent fun though, a sort of trip down musical memory lane. Before that, we had a superb Singaporean potluck and the food was smashing. I sort of miss Singaporean food, but not to the extent that I have insane cravings. Just that whenever I taste it, I think to myself, how nice it would be to have this again. Then at the very next meal, I go out and grab a boring sandwich for convenience. I know, I should really start learning to cook for myself, but the inertia is simply enormous. I'll do it eventually, I promise! Oh yeah, I finished my homework for EN124 Modes of Writing: An Introduction while waiting for Amisha at Arthur Vick. Five lines of poetry from utter randomness. Fantastic...

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