Friday, October 17, 2008

Episode 25: An Unproductive Friday

Right until this moment, I've accomplished nothing of academic value whatsoever, despite having no lessons at all the entire day. I finished a load of laundry (mixing whites and coloureds to no disastrous effect), watched two episodes of Privileged (and I'm watching a third now, even though I still prefer Gossip Girl), withdrew money from my bank account (to shop at Cheshire Oaks tomorrow) and enquired about my debit card (which still isn't here), used the radiator in my room to heat my food (which made it taste slightly better), walked to The Learning Grid to print out the handout from Emma Mason's lecture that I didn't get yesterday (as well as 10% discount vouchers for Cheshire Oaks). So I did a lot of stuff, just that none of it was actually related to my work. I will be getting around to reading Sir Gawain And The Green Knight after this episode finishes, so it's just as well that I'm not at the Mead Gallery catching 'Spectacular', even though I could have on a free ticket for putting up posters around Hampton and Loxley yesternight. Well, I also didn't figure out how to claim my free ticket, so I figured I'd be better off studying, since there won't be any of that happening tomorrow...

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