Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Episode 30: Hands Shaking, Teeth Chattering

EN124 seminar was awesome as usual. Stared at a projection of the universe and wrote stuff that I'm supposed to turn over the course of the week into the best thing I've ever written. The kind of thing, as David Morley put it, which you'll read when accepting the Nobel Prize for Literature. Anyway, it's rather cold tonight. My hands were shaking from the moment I stepped out to head to the Social Studies building for the AGM. I'm back now, trying to stay warm in my room. Have finished my acquisition spree of Christian music for now. Something's wrong with the syncing with my iPod though, as the album artwork is all wrong, so now I'm retransferring everything. It's rather annoying! Just got back from printing out the e-ticket for my trip to London. I'm a bit upset with myself for delaying my booking until today, as it cost me an extra £8. Sigh. Before that, I was in the Music Centre with a bunch of the Singaporean freshers. Wayne and Sarah were playing the piano, while the rest of us were just marvelling. Oh, and Yong Long, Stephanie and Claire Yow were snapping pictures. There's quite a good one of Vanessa doing one of those modelling poses. Before all this, we were having our AGM for the Singapore Society. Yummy chicken drumsticks and wings there. Congratulations to Louisa and Oliver for being elected as Freshers' Representatives! Now I absolutely have to finish up my French homework for tomorrow. Am now rather glad that I started on translating the Fitt 4 passages yesterday. Who knows, I might even finish it over the weekend in London, if I'm feeling industrious. I do foresee myself panicking over the 'Howl' essay in about a week's time though...

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