Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Episode 22: Good Food Society Social At Mor Bar

Tuesday is definitely my most mentally demanding day of the week. Gosh, that sentence alliterates rather well, doesn't it? Anyway, Middle English is still the bane of my existence, but my language tutor just opened my eyes to the possibilities of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight during today's lesson, so I am trying to be open to the text. I really, really need to start reading it, instead of just reading the passages to be translated. It's so easy to fall behind in your reading, and sometimes, you wonder why you bother, especially when first year doesn't count. At all. It's a bit hard to imagine that I've got essays due in just over two weeks, which I've yet to start work on. Argh. So this is what university feels like. Never mind, I will be industrious on Friday, since I've got the whole day free due to my EN121 seminar being pushed to Thursday morning just for this week. So even if I do end up going out on Friday, I should still be able to get a couple of hours of reading done at some point, whether it be in the early afternoon or at night.

So enough about dry academic stuff. Leamington Spa is damn pretty compared to Coventry! It's also very far, so I don't know if I want to live there in my second year. Don't fancy the travelling to and fro each day, although if I manage to fix my timetable so that I have free days, then the distance would become less of an issue, I guess. So we had a three-course fondue meal at Mor Bar, which has a lovely ambience. Didn't take advantage of the one-for-one offer on the cocktails though. The first course was cheese, which was yummy, even though it was just hunks of bread dipped in cheese. Next up, after a wait that was slightly too long for comfort, was hot oil. Now that was pretty cool. Different meats, as well as vegetables accompanied by a tempura dip. Good stuff! Last, but certainly not least, came the chocolate. I'm inclined to think that the chocolate fondue I've had (literally) at home is better, but the experience of it here was worth paying for. Made some new friends, whom I'll hopefully see again at the next Good Food Society social! It was pretty fun in a way, standing around in a big group and wondering if the bus back to the university would ever show up. We did get the last bus, although while waiting, so many taxis just kept drawing up to the kerb, tempting us to hop into them. You'd never see something like that happening in Singapore, that's for sure.

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