Monday, October 06, 2008

Episode 14: I'm A Star!

So Natalie's fine, which is a relief to all of us. Note to self: never be tempted to drink excessively, not even on special occasions. After today's EN123 lecture, I've realised that it's actually quite a strain to understand Thomas Docherty's accent when he's speaking softly. Anyway, I didn't get the steward position at the Arts Centre, but I am going to be a Student Arts Representative after all! I thought I didn't get it because I hadn't received any e-mail, and the e-mail was supposed to have arrived by Monday morning. Apparently, it was delayed, so I came back to my room to receive a pleasant surprise. Michelle and Natalie got in too, so that's cool. I just got back from dinner at Heronbank because I bumped into Michelle and Natalie at the Arts Centre. I was there to pick up the Joanne Harris novels that I'd ordered last week (so now my shelf has a pretty collection of light reading) and I saw them walking past the Bookshop. We had vermicelli for dinner, which was okay. A bit weird to mix soya sauce and sambal chilli though. Now I'm slaving away at translating 70 lines of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight into Modern English. I hate EN121!

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