Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Episode 29: Rapidshare

Last night, I discovered that Rapidshare actually works here, as opposed to in Singapore, where the traffic is just choked off, making it impossible to download anything. I've set about acquiring all the Christian music that I've wanted to listen to, but have never been able to purchase in Singapore. I'm quite happy that I managed to find Ben Cantelon's debut, among other things. I really, really like Article One's Colours And Sounds, especially the opening track, 'Without You (I'm Not Alright)'. There's just something about the use of the violin that makes the song a little bit more special. Then there's the pretty awesome (mostly) instrumental closing track, 'Peace 'Til We Meet Again'. I don't think I've enjoyed a Christian band so much since I came across Rush Of Fools, whose 'You Are Glory' has an excellent bridge by the way. Nothing like a bit of Latin to elevate things. Like in Reuben Morgan's 'Gloria' from World Through Your Eyes. I got very little sleep because I was so busy sorting my new songs into my iTunes library! I made good use of the time before my EN122 seminar to write the poem due for tomorrow's EN124 seminar. I cheated a little I think, since I technically didn't write the poem while walking, but mostly filed away the impressions yesterday and then did the writing today. There's an oblique reference to that separation in the poem, but I don't think I put it across that well. Have decided which question I'll do for my EN122 unassessed essay. Now I just need to do enough research to give the essay some meat...

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