Saturday, October 18, 2008

Episode 26: Cheshire Oaks

Woke up really early this morning, the earliest since I've been here, but it was well worth it. After spending the day walking around the entire place, the total damage to my wallet added up to £298.90. The breakdown is as follows:

Cadbury - four packets of wine gums (£4.98)
Blue Inc - five t-shirts (£26.98)
Next - four boxes of eau de toilette (£40.00)
Lunch at the food court - Fish and chips (£6.99)
Nike - hoodie and three pairs of socks (£27.41)
Gap - two cardigans and two long-sleeved shirts (£66.56)
Ted Baker - fur-trimmed parka (£90.00)
Barön Jon - t-shirt and hoodie (£35.98)

Will have to be more prudent in my spending for the next week or so. I've just put the coloured clothes I bought today into the washing machine, so I think I'll wear one of the cardigans to church tomorrow. Of all my purchases today though, I'm proudest of the parka. I was hoping to buy a coat at Gap, but the ones they had all made me look like formless sacks of potatoes. Different-sized sacks. The jackets were too boring to pay that much money for. Since I'd already spotted the Ted Baker parka earlier in the afternoon, and it had the approval of the girls I was shopping with, I decided on the spur of the moment to head back and grab it. So glad that I did! It really does look very cool. Makes me look forward to winter. Haha! Lunch was kind of lousy. It was supposed to be some famous fish and chips, but the fish was average and the chips just felt like empty carbohydrates. I miss McDonald's fries! Varsity has curly fries though, so I might head down to grab those as part of lunch or dinner tomorrow. Chloe, Stephanie and I ordered the biggest set meal, and the piece of fish was really huge. It looked like one entire fish died just to feed one of us! A pity that it didn't taste that great. Oh well...

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