Sunday, October 19, 2008

Episode 27: Finally Getting Work Done (Soon)

Am watching the last episode of The Dresden Files before getting started on reading Sir Gawain And The Green Knight. I know, I know, said that for the last couple of days and haven't done anything about it, but I really mean it, I'm going to read some of it tonight. Right now though, I'm thinking what a shame it was that this TV series got cancelled. Leaving aside the fact that the novel series is pretty awesome in its own right, Paul Blackthorne's Harry Dresden is probably one of the more appealing lead characters on television since Hugh Laurie became Gregory House, Jeffrey Donovan played David Creegan in Touching Evil, and Michael C. Hall became Dexter Morgan. He currently appears in Lipstick Jungle as Shane Healy, but I don't think I'll start watching that, at least not until I get back to Singapore in December. Have to catch up on my other shows first though. Will at least finish watching Season 2 of Dexter before starting on anything else. Having this 1 TB external hard drive is making it so convenient to acquire episodes of TV shows!

Church today was great. Quite a few Singaporean freshers came to today's service, although I don't know if they'll all stay on. I think I will stay on in Westwood Church, so I'll probably attend cell with Chernise this Thursday. Had lunch at Varsity, where the fish and chips were superior to what I had at Cheshire Oaks yesterday. The condiments at Varsity come in colourful packets that just begged to be photographed, all lined up in a row. Anyway, I just spent a good deal of time trying to recall a song that we sang this week (and last week). Chernise was the one who finally pointed me to the song, which is 'Perfect Sacrifice', written by Nigel Briggs. A couple of other songs I've particularly liked over the last two weeks are Ben Cantelon's 'Hallelujah' and Pete James's 'Take Me In Closer'. Can't find torrents for these songs though, so I'll probably buy the albums online or something. After the amount of American Christian music I've added to my collection in the past months, I think it's time to balance it out with some British stuff. For now though, it's time to hit the books...

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