Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Episode 15: Hungry Ghosts

Sigh. My efforts at translating Sir Gawain And The Green Knight into Modern English verse were in vain, as I've been informed that what we should be aiming for are prose translations. Ah well, back to the grindstone soon enough. I just got back Lost Dog's production of Hungry Ghosts, which I saw for free, one of the perks of being a STAR. It was a really intense experience. One of the girls who went for the interview with me last week happened to be seated two seats to my left, and she was in tears at the end. To summarise, Hungry Ghosts is a dance theatre performance that looks at the issue of terrorism through its effects on a man who by a twist of fate is the sole survivor of a terrorist attack in a theatre. A bit of breaking of the fourth wall went on, since at points the performers were seated in the audience and either spoke lines or entered onto the stage from there. This is going to sound so wrong, but I just have to mention that Ben Duke, one of the male dancers, has abdominals to die for. That and he's also an incredible dancer. Clearly, we should all become dancers so that we'll be hot, which is the kind of superficial reasoning that makes people take me less seriously than they should, but is also the kind of reasoning I would use to convince myself to do things like dance. Or exercise. Anyway, I'm rather jealous of people who can dance, any sort of dance really. Attended the STARs social in the National Grid Room after the performance, where I signed up to work on the campaigns for three upcoming performances. (The ulterior motive being that if I put in two hours of work on the campaign, I'll get a free ticket to the performance.) Hope I haven't overcommitted myself...

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