Thursday, October 16, 2008

Episode 24: French Society Social At Le Bistrot Pierre

French was pretty awesome today. I feel like writing an e-mail to Mme Faussat, just to thank her for being such a wonderful teacher because apparently I remember a bit more of my French than some of my classmates. I'm sure we'll all be at the same level soon, but for now, it's quite nice to be near the head of the class. Just like old times. Haha! Okay, ego trip over. EN123 seminar today was okay, presented my bit on Yeats's 'The Second Coming'. I think I need to practice speaking in public more often, as I tend to trip over my words. Basically, I sound better on paper. Have decided not to go to Coventry tomorrow after all, as I want to do my laundry, withdraw some money from the bank, collect my debit card if it's finally arrived, and get some reading done, especially for Sir Gawain And The Green Knight. In spite of myself, I do find the story somewhat compelling, and I'd like to know what's going on in the seminars for once, instead of only comprehending the bits that I've translated!

Anyway, I went to Leamington Spa again, this time for a French Society social. Almost didn't find the people, but I screwed up enough courage to ask a bunch of people hanging around the bus stop if they were with the French Society. Like Mor Bar, Le Bistrot Pierre has excellent ambience, and really makes me want to live in Leamington Spa next year, despite it being the furthest possible place from campus in which I could rent a house. I know, insane. If I could rig my timetable so that I get some days off though, then it'd be quite, quite okay to live in Leamington Spa. I had a salmon fillet with bouillabaisse sauce and a caramelised lemon tart topped with raspberry sorbet. The salmon was very tender, quite different in texture from any salmon I've ever had. The lemon tart was lovely, and made me want to own a blowtorch just so that I can caramelise stuff if I ever get around to making desserts. Chatted with one of the postgraduate students on the bus ride back to the university, and I managed to get off at the correct stop, instead of stupidly taking the bus all the way to the heart of campus. Ended up walking back with someone who lives in Loxley, so chatted a bit with him too. Altogether quite a nice way to start off my weekend...

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