Friday, October 31, 2008

Episode 39: Quantum Of Solace

Just got back from Tesco, where I bought quite a lot of stuff. It's a good thing Westwood's so nearby! I think I've enough food to last me for at least the first half of Reading Week. Am so glad that I'm finally going to get a break because I really need to catch up on my reading. Borrowed a nice stack of poetry collections from the Library today after my EN121 seminar, which I basically dozed my way through. First time I've ever been so tired! Spent the entire night agonising over my EN122 essay, so I didn't actually get any sleep. Once I got past 3 am, I pretty much figured I wasn't going to be under the covers at all. This really must not be repeated for the EN123 essay or the EN124 portfolio! Will be a good boy and do my work in a timely fashion. Caught the new Bond movie in Coventry with Chloe, Jerrick, Michelle and Yee Hung. I thought it was okay, although it was quite tame, I felt, for a Bond movie. I mean, only one sex scene? No romantic entanglements? Without that, what's there to set a Bond flick apart from the rest of Hollywood's output?

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