Saturday, November 01, 2008

Episode 40: Halloween Ball

Just got back from the Halloween Ball, which really wasn't that fun. I hated most of the music, to be frank. I still think the TES is just not really conducive for parties. We grabbed our coats and left half an hour before it ended, so as to avoid the crowd. Anyway, I went online and raided Amazon UK this afternoon! Almost everything I bought was course-related though, so I guess it doesn't really count. I wanted to buy loads of stuff by John Irving and Armistead Maupin, especially because they were Black Swan editions that looked really good. I cancelled my orders on those books at the last minute though. Figured I should probably read some of the stuff that's already on my shelves before doubling the size of my library here. I'm quite upset that I won't be able to buy Vintage International editions off Amazon UK. I suppose that's made up for by the fact that Faber poetry collections will be more readily available than they are back in Singapore. I'm starting to sound like I love owning books more than reading them, but I really do read. Really! Just not as much as I should be, that much I'll concede. I did treat myself to two DVD box sets, The Lord Of The Rings (Extended Edition) and The Ultimate Matrix Collection, both of which I've been wanting to buy. They should arrive by Tuesday, just in time to distract me from actually doing any work during Reading Week. Haha...

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