Friday, November 14, 2008

Episode 53: Gomorra

Just got back from Gomorra at the Arts Centre. Now that was heavy viewing. As a depiction of the Camorra and its workings, it was interesting, but I can't honestly say that the film made for very compelling viewing overall. Some of the individual story arcs were interesting, but the intercutting between them meant that the impact was somewhat diluted. At the end, I didn't really get a sense of resolution, except perhaps for the tailor's story. Ah well. It was something different from what I'd normally watch. Did see a couple of trailers at the start for some upcoming stuff that looked promising, especially Blindness, which is adapted from a José Saramago novel. Looked him up in Wikipedia, and I must say, he seems like the kind of author that I would read, even if I seem to be doing extremely little reading here. That will all change tomorrow, when I will be one of the few Singaporeans spending my Saturday studying instead of being at the Nottingham Games. All the best to those who're playing though! I also started on my Rosetta Stone Spanish course. Spent half an hour to learn how to say really basic stuff. Am ambivalent so far, but I guess it'll get better as it goes along, and knowing another Romance language already is bound to be useful. Decided to try the Spanish course first instead of the Italian one because a couple of the other freshers are learning Spanish at the Language Centre, so I can test out my Spanish on them. Haha...

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