Monday, November 10, 2008

Episode 49: Je L'ai Fini!

I finished my portfolio sometime after midday. I think the poems got sloppy towards the end, but what the heck, I wasn't in any state of mind to care too much. Now it's on to the Eliot essay, about which I have absolutely no idea. I have a stack of books on Eliot and modernism, and somehow, miraculously, a thesis statement is going to implant itself in my mind if I stare at the books for long enough. In other news, I've concluded that it is generally not a good idea to have my Amazon UK purchases delivered in several batches. I should just have everything I buy on a particular day delivered together, even if it means waiting longer. None of my orders are missing, and now I even have a duplicate order that I'm going to have to send back at some point before the end of January, so I'm just a bit annoyed over the whole mess, even if it has somewhat sorted itself out. Sigh. I'm a bit annoyed that the Italo Calvino books aren't the editions that I wanted though. They're Vintage Classics editions, but from a different, and in my opinion, uglier printing. So I'm giving one to Eugene for Christmas because he doesn't mind getting a Calvino book. Anyone else want a present from me?

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