Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Episode 43: The Haunting

I think I've overspent! Sigh. Yet I still spent about £12 on snacks while in Coventry with Chermaine and Sarah. Just as well that I couldn't find nice rings in my size at Topman, otherwise I'd have spent even more. We had lunch at Noodle Bar, which was delicious. More authentic Chinese cuisine! Totally going back there again soon. In other news, my Internet connection has been restored, and appears to be stable. So far. Hopefully it stays that way, as I need to get caught up on getting TV episodes from Natalie. I just got back from The Haunting at Tempo. I was a bit boring, to quote Hui Lin, while walking through the haunted house, but it was pretty funny, seeing people that I recognised. It was a pretty cool way to usher people into the club though, that I must say. Didn't actually drink anything (unlike Shen Ting, who dropped by my room just now in a fairly drunken state), but I quite liked most of the music that was played by the DJ, although it seems like the same few songs are the genuine clubbing anthems. I must confess that some of the stuff that I normally wouldn't listen to, I quite like hearing and dancing to in a club. Like 50 Cent's 'Ayo Technology'. Would be cool to dance to one of Gareth Emery's podcast episodes though. Should play one of those if I ever throw a house party. A bunch of us thought of heading upstairs to The Graduate@Cholo to catch the US election results, and against the odds, someone actually opened the fire escape and let us in! We didn't stick around long though, simply too crowded. For what it's worth, I hope Obama wins. Walked back to Westwood with Whitney, and now I'm watching TV on my laptop again...

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