Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Episode 44: Guy Fawkes Night

Just finished bingeing on food from Tesco, including some really bad sushi. Bad in the sense that the rice was hard and clumped together. Before that, I was at a couple's place along Kirby Corner Road, having Bible study. This is the one I was supposed to join Chernise for last week, but couldn't because I had to stay in my room and write the commentary on the Fitt 2 passage. We went over from The Sovereign, which is a pub owned by a couple that also attends Westwood Church. Just checked it out online, and it seems like a really family-friendly place. According to Chernise, it used to be called The Half-Sovereign, and was a really shady place. Andrea was saying how cabs used to refuse to stop at that place, sounded pretty hardcore. I like the double meaning of its new name though! I took videos of most of the fireworks, as photography just didn't cut it. Nothing as slick as the fireworks you get at National Day Parades back home, but it was quite intense, being so near to the fireworks as they went off. I'm glad I went down tonight! Remember, remember the fifth of November...

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