Thursday, November 27, 2008

Episode 66: Good Results!

Got back several pieces of work today, all with decent results. My French homework came back with good comments again, which doesn't surprise me that much anymore, since my written French, with the aid of a solid dictionary, is leaps and bounds ahead of my spoken French. My accent, however, is still rather good, I must say. The EN123 essay on Eliot was another First, against all my expectations. My EN121 commentary was a Second Upper, which was a little disappointing, but going by Sue Niebrzydowski's comments, it's more an issue of needing to push further than anything wrong with what I'd actually written. Hopefully, I'll be able to repeat the First feat with the essay due on the last day of term! That would certainly be nice, although given that I haven't read any of the texts that I could be writing on, it might prove somewhat tricky. Have more or less decided on doing a question on Sir Gawain And The Green Knight, so I'll be reading that on the coach to London and back. I've even picked out the question and done some preliminary research, but we'll see, I might change my mind about the question. Don't feel particularly stressed about this essay because EN121 is a wholly examined module, and all these assignments are just for practice anyway. Still, I like to do the best that I can!

Our second rehearsal was even more fun than the first! I'm glad that the cast seems quite open to the idea of experimentation and just talking about issues. Well, I was a bit distracted at some points because I was cracking my head over my essay, for which I managed to crank out an interesting bit of close reading while in rehearsal. It's the kind of stuff that makes me go, damn, I'm good, but also makes me wonder, is this really the sort of stuff that I should be writing? I have self-doubt issues sometimes. I'm giving myself till around 2 am with this essay, and after that I'm going to sleep, regardless of whether it's done or not. Will finish it up in the morning, since there's no EN121 seminar tomorrow, which is a blessing in disguise. Had thought I'd have to miss part of rehearsal to attend the replacement seminar in the evening, but it turned out there was one right after our EN123 seminar, for which I obviously hadn't read Henry Green's Living. (I'm such a disgraceful student lately!) So attended that instead, and now I'm doing the usual things, procrastinating and not actually writing much of the essay that's due in about half a day's time. Good job...

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