Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode 62: Singapore Society Christmas Dinner

Got started on my Chaucer translation, but didn't manage to finish before it was time to go for carolling. I cooked lunch again today, and I was appalled to discover that someone had taken my salt and pepper, right out of the plastic bag in which I keep it in my cupboard. Someone used my large pot too, and didn't even put it back. So I promptly hunted down both salt and pepper, brought everything that didn't have to be in the cupboard back to my room, and made sure there was no way anyone could pretend that they didn't know all my stuff belonged to me by putting my pasta and sauces into the pot. If anyone touches it between now and the next time I cook, I'm going to leave a caustic note on the inside of the cupboard. Carolling went okay, although I suddenly had to sing solo for 'Silent Night' because Rahul was sick. That turned out relatively okay, according to feedback. Caught a bus to Leamington Spa with the other Singaporeans, where we had a Christmas dinner at The Benjamin Satchwell. The food was okay, though it took really long to be served! Less impressive was my vodka lemonade, which didn't really taste much of vodka at all. After much banter and camwhoring, it was finally time to head back out into the frigid night. Thankfully, the bus didn't take too long to arrive. I really, really need to find a pair of gloves soon. I just wish Tesco would stock the black leather ones I want...

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