Thursday, November 13, 2008

Episode 52: A Brief Respite

That's all I'll get before it's time to throw myself back into catching up on reading and writing. I am totally reading Absolute Beginners and To The Lighthouse before next week's seminars. Haha! For now though, I'm watching TV on my laptop again. I've been trying to get some TV episodes myself without using torrents, in order to ease the downloading burden back home. Am limited by the limit on free users at these sites though, so it's been slow, slow work. I also need to get a haircut, I think. I briefly entertained thoughts of doing my laundry for the week, but I'm betting someone else has had the same idea and the machine's in use, so I guess I'll wait until early tomorrow afternoon. What I would really like to do though, is fall asleep for about 10 hours. Alex is quite right. People like me who sacrifice sleep to do work are crazy. I did manage to catch three hours of sleep this time though, which allowed me to survive until around 2 pm before beginning to feel tired. French today was quite fun because we got to mess around with the recording software. I have such an annoying speaking voice...

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